REDBREAST: The Robin in Life and Literature



Andrew Lack

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Dr David Lack's classic book, THE LIFE OF THE ROBIN, was described recently by David Attenborough, as, he believed, 'the first book to be devoted to a single bird'. He made the comment in the first part of a visual and instructive four-part series called Birds Britannia, repeated on BBC2, after a first airing on BBC4. In that same programme, on 'Garden Birds, David Lack received an accolade as the distinguished ornithologist he was, and is shown on a field trip with his two sons, then young boys. One of them was Andrew Lack, whose 'REDBREAST The Robin in Life and Literature' is based on another of his father's books, ROBIN REDBREAST, long out of print.

For this lovely book, Andrew Lack has updated, extended and truly transformed his father's work, without losing sight of the original. In addition to Richard Mabey's Foreword, Terence Mabey's striking Robin painting for the wrap-round jacket, and the beautiful Robin photograph taken by Sophie May Lewis when she was just thirteen, and used as the Frontispiece, the text is embellished with colour (including a little-known Robin painting by J M W Turner) and black and white illustrations, with some lively and exquisite cartoons by Euan Dunn, Director of Marine Policy at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

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'The robin was tamed by a Scottish saint in the Sixth Century A.D. and from that time on, the bird has played a surprisingly large and diverse part in English history and literature. There are many tributes to it as a winter friend. It is famous in nursery rhymes and in early children's books. It has comforted prisoners, attended a queen's funeral...'

'(Its) aim is entertainment, not learning but (the variety of quotations from great poetry, political diatribe.., popular journals and historical documents) is documented with notes, in an unobtrusive index.'

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The book is a delightful anthology' (posted on Amazon) '...for bird lovers, with lots of references and quotes from a variety of literature and art. Nicely illustrated.'
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