A Crazy Florida Man

Just type Florida man and you’ll find yourself in the world of craziest stories happened to this part of the world. Someone could ask “Why all these crazy people are in Florida?” And it’s not because of heat. Few days ago I was reading an article in The Associated Press where new drug flakka was blamed in all these cases. There was explained what's the drug, where did flakka come from and what it was bought from the Flakkaforsale.online vendor.. Moreover, there are lots of Youtube flakka drug videos that confirm what type of drug is flakka and effects of flakka flocka drug.


In the article was described some really crazy crimes. In Florida a dude had sex with a tree. When the police arrested him he explained that considers himself the Norse God Thor.


According to the police enforcement flakka drug appeared in 2013. Since then it became popular because of insanely cheap price. It’s possible to buy a vial for only $5. Flakka is even cheaper than Big Mac in McDonald’s! In the marketplace it is usually sold in the form of crystals. Users can smoke flakka with electronic cigarette. The drug has street name gravel. The epicenter of usage is in the Fort Lauderdale. The police department continuously struggle with crimes connected with flakka usage. Few days ago they pull off a man from their fence who declared that some gang wants to kill him. Policemen spent hours to remove him from ten foot high police fence.


Flakka drug can excite the nervous system. It could lead to increasing of physiological function.

Alpha PVP is an official drug flakka name. It’s a synthetic stimulant included into the cathinone and pyrovalerone classes.  Gravel has similarities with other pyrovalerone compounds like MDPV and cathinones. Flakka drug ingredients include the khat plant that grows in Eastern Africa.