For two decades, I worked on this series, inspired-by and based-on THE EIGHT BEATITUDES, Jesus' teaching during the Sermon on the Mount. They are now finished, and ready to be performed on television or radio - although the plays were first written, each complete in itself, or as a series, for TV.

First conceived as Christian guidelines, they nevertheless highlight moral issues relevant to ALL faiths and creeds today.

Indeed, THE LUCKY ONES could be called contemporary morality stories, like the updated Chester Miracle Plays, which I was privileged to see the first performance of, as a young pupil at The Queen's School, Chester. Perhaps that experience has somehow stayed immovably in my mind. Some powerful thoughts never fade away.

THE LUCKY ONES do not preach. My brief has been to make them entertaining, spiked with humour as well as sadness, anger and pathos. They bring up conflicts and unexpected situations, to jerk people's attention.

The Beatitudes really are greatly undervalued. Many of the people I have asked, hadn't even heard of them! Yet they have a dynamism; such topical significance, in the our current society. They have a user-friendly edge, encouraging as they do - rather than commanding, like the Ten Commandments. The Beatitudes suggest: do this and you'll be OK - you'll be lucky.

If you read this with interest, and would like to discuss production of the Plays, let me know.